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Meet the Team
The NOOR SPORTS AND FITNESS team consists of seasoned professionals who are masters in their respective fields.
Founder and CEO

Abdulla Shaikh – A passionate entrepreneur par excellence, he has been in the fitness industry for several years and is a veteran in this field. He has zeal to reach at the top in every venture and settles for nothing but the best. With focused strategy and business aesthetics, this visionary businessman aims to make NOOR SPORTS AND FITNESS the biggest online megastore for fitness very soon.
Teams at Work:

Business Managers: NOOR SPORTS AND FITNESS has put in place teams that manage the day to day affairs of the company. The Business Managers at NOOR SPORTS AND FITNESS supervise their work and guide and motivate them to give their best effort.

Technical Team: At NOOR SPORTS AND FITNESS we have a sizable technical team consisting of experienced professionals who have in-depth knowledge and several years of industrial experience under their belts. They are capable of equipment installation, servicing and taking care of other equipment related issues on their own.

Logistics: A dedicated logistics team that takes care of the stock and follows up with the vendors to ensure that the demands and requirements of the customers are duly met. The logistics team takes care of information flow, handling of spares, inventory, transportation and other related issues.

Category Manager: NOOR SPORTS AND FITNESS has a stellar category management team that overseas selling spares to customers located in different corners of the country. Some of the best minds in the region work diligently day and night to ensure that NOOR SPORTS AND FITNESS scales new heights along with its valuable vendors and customers. We understand that we have to reach out to our highly valued customers. We have a dedicated marketing team for this purpose.

Customer Care Manager: NOOR SPORTS AND FITNESS has a dedicated Customer Care Manager to take care of queries and concerns of its esteemed customers. You can get in touch with the Customer Care Manager at any time and get your queries resolved.

SEO Team: The SEO Team works round the clock to keep NOOR SPORTS AND FITNESS on the top. The team identifies and strikes at the right opportunities to improve site usability for the users, build brand awareness and bring more and more traffic to the site.

Content Team: The Content Team comprises of the brightest writers in the region who support the SEO team by providing rich content useful for the readers. They play a vital role in reaching out to probable customers by writing great blogs and preparing other forms of content.

Graphics Team: NOOR SPORTS AND FITNESS is blessed to have a team of the sharpest graphic designers who design cutting edge graphics to catch everyone’s attention. The Graphics team plays a critical role in maintaining eye-catching banners for the website as well as other graphics for promotional purposes.

Media Coordinator: At NOOR SPORTS AND FITNESS we acknowledge that media is an important entity when it comes to branding, building new partnerships and reaching out to existing and new customers. We have a dedicated media coordinator who coordinates with the media persons so as to maintain friendly relations with them.